4 Signs That You Must Get Professional Heat Pump Repair Services Right Now

Nowadays, most individual houses use heat pumps. This system takes up energy from the ground or air and transforms it into heat. These devices are very functional because they can be utilised for water and underfloor heating systems. A lot more people are now choosing to utilise them as the main heat source of their houses as they’re cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Nevertheless, heat pumps sometimes develop mechanical problems and need to be inspected and fixed by professionals. In case you would want to know how to tell if your system needs a heat pump repair service, listed here are a number of signs that you should consider:

1. The system is producing weird sounds

Heat pumps often make some sounds while turned on, and the loudness depends on the heating system you utilise. For instance, air source heat pumps create more sounds compared to ground source systems since they have a fan to generate heat. Nevertheless, when you notice some kind of buzzing, rattling or whistling sounds coming from the device, then have your unit examined right away by a reliable heat pump repair provider. These noises may be due to hidden issues like unfastened components moving inside the device or twisted fans hitting a tube.

2. It turns on and off without finishing a cycle

If your heat pump usually turns on and off on its own, then it's short cycling. This issue may be caused by various factors such as build-up of dust or a malfunctioning thermostat. Short cycling will have an impact on the performance of your unit, making it incapable of generating adequate heat to your whole household. When this occurs, your unit will weaken much easily and have a shorter lifespan. To prevent this from taking place, let your trusted maintenance provider inspect the unit immediately and solve the problem for you.

3. You have higher electric costs

Try to compare your energy bills before and after you bought a heat pump for your house. Have you noticed that you have quite excessive energy bills for the past few months? This might occur because the heating device has problems and it’s incapable of generating heat. Thus, it consumes more electricity. Get in touch with a maintenance provider immediately so that they can check your equipment’s electrical cables, compressor operating current and much more to solve this problem.

4. The heat pump creates an undesirable smell

Dust accumulates inside your heat pump and it burns if you use the equipment. That is the reason why you can smell a burning scent emanating from the ducts a few moments after turning it on. When the bad odour persists for a number of hours, this could be an indication that your equipment has destroyed or malfunctioning mechanical components, which often smell just like burning rubber or plastic. In such situations, you have to immediately call your heat pump maintenance expert and let them perform the necessary assessment or parts replacement to the device.

When correctly installed and handled, a heat pump will not be only a wonderful supply of heat. This unit can also offer several worthwhile advantages to its users like reducing carbon footprint and heating expenses. As a result, it is really worth obtaining a heat pump repair service to guarantee that your device is in terrific condition and safe to utilise all the time.